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Frequently Asked Questions about Bergen Triathlon

This page is updated as we go along with answers to relevant questions asked about Bergen Triathlon.

Ramsøy seen from Hjeltefjorden


Should I use a TT bike with a disc rear wheel?

The best bikers would probably clearly prefer a TT bike. The gradients are steep at some points, but short. The steepest hill is covered on a 10km (5km back and forth) Time Trial held yearly and for that the cyclist at top national level (Up to Pro Continental team level) goes with disc wheels despite the gradients. For very windy conditions maybe a 50-80mm profile rear wheel is better, if the disc becomes hard to control. Front wheel, probably 30-50mm profile rim if the wind is hard. Dependent on bike skill and to some extent rider weight.


For some first hand impression, see this "roadmovie" at youtube linked below from turn point at Herdla and back "home". Recorded at 30-40km/h speed, and here shown in tripple speed

Is it windy and if so is it mainly a cross wind?

The wind will most probable be north to northwest if it's good weather. Could then also start fairly still and increase over the afternoon due to sun effects. It can become quite strong and Herdla on the north tip turn point will then be very windy. 


Do you recommend a neoprene hat and socks?

Neoprene hat and socks are recommendable. Socks will be made legal at sea temperatures below a certain level (probably around 16 deg C but not decided yet) and mandatory at temperatures below 15.5 C. Neoprene swimcaps same.

Is private support allowed?

Private support is not needed for the race, and private support is only allowed in designated areas close to T2. Each participant will receive one paper bracelet to give to his/her support person. Only participants and support wearing the bracelet are allowed into T1 and T2 to collect gear. If you have no private support the crew will take care of your gear until you finish the race.


What is served at the service stations?

We serve a variety of drinks and food at the service stations.  Details here.


Where can I stay?

There are several alternatives including hotels in center of Bergen (close to pre-race meeting), B&B at Herdla and camping close to the race arena. Details can be found here.


What prizes are given?

For the Full IM:

  • Prize money for male and female overall winners:
    • 1-50 starters: 500 €
    • 51-100 starters: 1000 €
    • 101-150 starters: 1500 €
    • and so on. 500 € / 50 starters in each class
  • 2nd and 3rd place equipment prizes

For 1/2 IM and relay equipment prices only. Finisher T-shirts and medals to all finishers


 How do I post MMS articles?

You need to be a registered user first. This is achieved by sending a short mms message to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . After a manual operation at our end you're then approved as mms blogger and your next text and mms picture message will be posted at our MMS blog section.


Do I need a triathlon license?

No, participation is on your own risk. We advice you to obtain a triathlon license with insurance coverage, and ensure that this our other insurances your hold cover you during the event and is of satisfying coverage to you.


What is the age limit for the race?

You can enter the race from the year you turn 18. There is no upper age limit. All entrants must confirm that they are fit for the race.


Are there Hawaii slots available at the race?

No. The Ironman events are owned by World Triathlon Corporation, and only Ironman events offer qualification slots to Hawaii Ironman. As an independent race we can not offer Hawaii qualification slots. Qualifiers in Europe are the events in Frankfurt, Nice, Switzerland and Lanzarote.


Which swim temperatures due you expect?

We will expect typically 16 to 18 degrees C in the sea. We have two different small lakes for back up in case of cold sea water. To our experience, the lakes often holds better temperatures, as they don't suffer the typical coldening effects of the sea: Sea currents, wind and wave causing stirring of cold water from deeper depths, and addition snow melting water. Full model wetsuits are required to participate. Triathlon wetsuit models are strongly recommended for both comfort and swimming speed.


I fear the swim. Should I enter the race?

If you can swim the distance in a pool, and you  have some time for familiarizing to outdoor swimming with wetsuit you should. Don't fear the swim, fear the run as the last exercise... ;-)


Why is there a maximum competitors limit?

We will guarantee room for 400 participants in 2011. If there are need for more entries, we will look into if we can increase. We've run the 2008, 2009 and 2010 events with manual timing and sheets, and as we increase the number of participants, we might need chip timing. Availability and costs for such is one of the challenges we'll look into if need be. This is probably the major challenge we need to face. Space in transitions etc. is not a challenge for us.


How technical is the bike leg?

Hard to describe objectively in words. Definitely triathlon bike course. Unless a very windy day it should be suited for aero wheels. The über-bikers would probably prefer disc rear as well given wind conditions for it.

We've prepared this video for an inside view. It's filmed from a car rooftop driving at typically 35-40km/h, and shown here in approximately tripple speed of that. It's from just after the turning point north at Herdla and back home to approximately the bike lap point. Distance a little over 20km and film length 9min 49 sec. Remember as the video camera is fixed on the car roof, the turns might look sharper than they are as the camera won't follow the road until the car actually starts turning.

If our GPS knowledge doesn't do us trix, it's a little less than 300m climb during one lap, hence approximately 1200 total on the bike leg.



Which flights are recommended?

Any decent priced flight to Bergen will do. The pre race meeting is at 1900hrs Friday downtown. Landing at 1800 hrs will be touch and go to get downtown in time. If you get a god deal to other cities, it might work to. Ryanair flies to Haugesund. There is a 3hrs 15min bus or fast ferry connection to Bergen from Haugeund. Boat is most scenic, bus is more frequent. Bus leaving Haugesund approximately every 2nd hour. A bit more often in morning and a bit less in the evening. Ticket price one way approx NOK 350,- (Bus). Stavanger has same connections but a bit longer, approximately 5hrs. From Oslo there are domestic flights (1 hour)  and train transfer (8 hours) possible.

The following international airports have connections to Bergen  http://www.avinor.no/en/airport/bergen/timetables

The following airways are connected regularly:

Lufthansa (Frankfurt)

Climber Air (Billund, Denmark)

SAS (London, Copenhagen,

Norwegian (Berlin)

Widerøe (Aberdeen, Copenhagen)

Eastern Air (Aberdeen, Newcastle)

KLM (Amsterdam)

Air Baltic (Riga)


Flaggruten fast ferry arriving in Haugesund




Start gun goes off in...

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