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The 2011 Bergen Triathlon will be arranged Saturday June 18th. 2011. The event will be held at Askøy, just outside Bergen Center. It will consist of 3800m swimming in the sea, 180km bike ride in four 45km laps, and a marathon 42.195km run, also made up from a four lap route. The route will take place in scenic environment in the archipelago west of Bergen, characterized by small islands and the sea in sight for most of the route, both swim, bike and run. The 1/2 IM distance will be using the same routes, but just half the number of laps.

The event will be held at the island of Askøy, just west of Bergen City Center. The island is reached by car over a bridge, an approximately 20minutes drive from downtown.

Askøy map


The swim will be held at Kollevågen Friluftsområde (Communal bathing beach/area). 3.8 kilometers in the Kolavåg, Askøy, consisting of 2 laps in a shorter course around buoys or similar. Details will be provided at the pre-race meeting. The course will be explained in more detail at the pre-race meeting.


If the water temperature is too low an alternative swim arena will be used. The swim will then be in a fresh water lake Storavannet.


You can find a very nice picture slide series from the Swim area at Bergen Omland Frilufttsråd's web pages - here (click).


The bike leg will be covered by four laps of approximately 45km. Each lap will go from Kollevågen, past Tveitevannet to Ravnanger, and from Ravnanger follow the main road to Herdla, the North-West tip of Askøy. Here you will turn back and head back towards Ravnange. Just before reaching Ravnanger, you will take right on the new road towards Hanøytangen and Kollevåg for one lap completion.The bike leg will have no big climbs, but with an undulating hilly coastal landscape, it will still be challenging.

Bike leg map


 Bike leg elevation profile


Garmin GPS track for the bike leg can be downloaded from here (click).


The run leg will be covered by 4 laps of approximately 10.55km. You will run from the transition area at Kollevågen towards Ramsøy.  You will run in typical coastal West Norway surroundings, and the last part before the turn of the run will ba over a causeway constructed to have road access to the little Island Ramsøy. The causeway was build as late as late 80's, so Ramsøy still bear signs of the times when it was only reachable by boat.

Run leg - 4 laps


A Garmin GPS track file for the run leg is planned posted later on.


For further details - refer the "Race Manual" which will be available for download from the Race Information page before registration starts. Registration of entries will start November 15th at 12:00 hrs (CET)


In this short YouTube video (2 min), you get some small impressions from the route by some photos accompanied by music.





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