Bergen Triathlon 2010


Crew Race: Light drizzle and a balmy 17 °C water temperature greeted the athletes taking part in this years crew race which was held 3 weeks after the main race. Due to lack of support boats it was decided to swim 6 laps along the shore line in Tveitevannet. The rain had stopped by T1, but the roads were still wet for the first lap to Herdla. T1 was completed well by all 3 participants. Ole Jacob rode solidly all race and kept his lead into T2 at the stone hut in Kollevåg. Jan Kenneth after suffering cramps on his first cycle lap rode better and managed to arrive at T2 in second place. Jan Wilhelm rode well but suffered from a sore neck on his new tri-bike. After one lap on the run leg Jan Kenneth had to quit due to a bad knee. Jan Wilhelm and Ole Jacob finished in nice summer weather.

Siri was one of the support people, but also had the time to take some film.


Results 2010 CR: Final results


Main Race: Race held two week later than the norm for Bergen Voss Triathlon of 2008-09. Swim held in Tveitevannet due to low sea temperatures. Swim temperature approx. 15°C. Heavy northwest weather system wind from Friday afternoon trough to Sunday. Relatively calm in the sheltered north end of the lake at the swim start, but challenging conditions in the south end of the lake. Tough bike ride north to turn point at Herdla, but the cyclist was blown back south afterwards. Also though running conditions due to the wind. 8°C in the morning increasing to around 14°C max. 93 athletes started the race, 76 finished. Bjarne Ludvigsen was on spot and shot some 700 photos


Results 2010: Final results (updated 24th June 2010 21:45)


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Bergen Voss Triathlon 2009


Crew Race: held Sunday 31st. May. Outdoor swimming in approx. 15°C. Neopren socks and cap allowed. Fairly good weather with temperatures around 20°C and above at Voss at the run. 4 competitors started and 3 finished after Gary suffered from achilles troubles on the run. A beautiful triathlon day! Lots of pictures from Bjarne Ludvigsen here.

Results Crew Race 2009


Main Race: Race had to relocate swim due to water temperatures in Nordåsen. Swim held in a small lake called "Ulvenvannet" at Os near Bergen. Bike leg was adjusted accordingly, and the of route's first approx. 40km was therefore different from last year. All in all the race went well. 55 participants started, 51 finished. Two withdraw during the bike leg and two withdraw during the run. Water temperature was approximately 14.5°C. Neoprene swim cap and socks was mandatory on the swim, which had four laps of 950m. Air temperature started at approx 5-6°C in the early morning and rose to maximum approx. 20°C at Voss during the run. Pictures from Bjarne Ludvigsen here

Results Main Race 2009


Top Three 09


Bergen Voss Triathlon 2008:

Crew Race: Held May 18th. 2008. Due to cold water temperatures, the swimming was held indoor in a pool, and this also gave an approx 10km longer bike leg. The weather was quite good, but there was some rain showers during the day and fairly cold at Kvamskogen with still ice covered lakes at the approx 500m altitude. 5 participants started and finished the Crew Race. Results are listed here:

Results Crew Race 2008

Main Race: The main race was held June 6th. The weather and temperatures were good. 17°-18°water temperature, and early morning air temperature of approx. 12° rapidly rose to above 20°C during the cycle leg. At Voss, in a valley between high mountains, the temperature reached nearly 30°C during the afternoon. Sunny all day. 33 participants started and 31 finished the race.


Results Main Race 2008




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