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Monday, 28 March 2011 06:57

Special rules for Bergen Triathlon

  • Triathlon Licenses are advisable, for insurance purposes for the complete event.

  • Thorough pre-race checks on race equipment (cycles & helmets) may be carried out by the marshals. Your bike must be in working order, with working brakes and you must have an approved bicycle helmet. Working white light on the front and red light on the back of the bike is mandatory. Any competitor with substandard equipment will be refused entry. (This changes ITU rule E.3).

  • A full model wet-suit (neoprene) is mandatory for the swimming event. Triathlon wet-suit and not surfing type wet-suit strongly recommended due too low water temperatures.

  • Drafting is not permitted during the bike leg. Warnings, time penalties and disqualifications may be given from race officials for illegal drafting. Penalties are final and not subject to protests.

  • The use of non-legal performance enhancement supplements is forbidden. Anti-Doping Norway may carry out random doping checks.

  • The organizer retains the right to change the course at any time for safety reasons.

  • Doctors or marshals appointed by the organizers may remove a competitor from the race should there be a health or injury risk to the competitor.

  • The cycle route is not closed off to traffic. Road traffic regulations must be strictly observed and obeyed at all times.

  • Great demands concerning responsibility are made on the competitor.

  • Competitors will have to sign a document for “Release from Liability” before they receive their start numbers.

  • Competitors may be allowed to use a neoprene cap and neoprene socks if water temperature dictates so. Neoprene cap will be mandatory if temperature falls below 15.5 °C. This will be announced Friday on the info and safety meeting. (This changes ITU rule D.5.2)

  • Competitors will be allowed to carry a mobile phone on the bike leg. Race management should be notified if you withdraw during the competition. (This changes ITU rule E.3.5)


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